Video Tutorial #6: Noventa y Nueve

Jan 21, 2013

Today I'll show you a game called Noventa y Nueve. It’s a really fun, addictive little card game that’s great for reviewing numbers.

Honestly, the only thing that’s challenging about this game is that I generally find it hard to teach the rules of a card game to a classroom of 30 kids. However, assuming you like the activity, you can just use this tutorial video to teach the rules to your students. Problem solved.

Activity 6: Noventa y Nueve


Tip #1:  

I require all students to use scratch paper.  Each student should be writing the current tally on their own paper.  Many insist that they don’t need it, that they can do it in their heads.

However, at least in middle school, no one wants to appear to be the kid that needs scratch paper. But since they’re processing both math and Spanish at the same time, most really do need it.  

Plus, the scratch paper serves as a nice visual indicator for me as I scan the room so I can assess engagement.

Tip #2:  

I have also played this activity as “990″ in order to practice higher numbers. Just add a zero to everything. Now a queen is worth 100, and a 3 is worth 30.

Tip #3:  

I recommend that students play in groups of 3 to 5 students. The smaller the group, the more they speak.

Download this helpful worksheet with tips, info on the value of cards, and some fun conversational expressions.