Wooly Week Day 5 - Amnesia, a brand new music video

Feb 09, 2017

We have reached the final day of Wooly Week, and I have one last thing to share with you.

No Lo Tengo was adorable.

Billy la Bufanda Enseña Los Animales was absurd.

And today, I release one final music video.

This video is for those who enjoy their Wooly...with a little edge.

Brand New Music Video:

In celebration of Wooly Week, today I release the final new music video, Amnesia.

Banner for Amnesia

What is it about?

Amnesia is my homage to The Twilight Zone. It's weird, a litte scary, and will have your students guessing all the way to the end.

A man wakes up in the street. He has no idea who he is or where he is. The townspeople are, how shall we say, exceedingly willing to help him.

Still from Amnesia

We filmed Amnesia in Carlyle, IL, all outside on two very cold nights in December.

Joining me were 31 extras, pretty much all of whom were Spanish teachers from around the country. We had Spanish teachers from 12 states in total, coming from Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Georgia, to name only a few.

A huge thank you to all the Spanish teachers who gave up their entire weekend and who drove through snowstorms to be a part of this production. I couldn't be more proud of their work. They were all freezing their butts off, and I don't think I heard any of them complain even once. Mil gracias, amigos.

 Still from Amnesia

What does the song teach?

I wrote this song to teach the differences between saber and conocer. For Spanish 2/3 teachers who cover those concepts, this song will be invaluable.

That said, the story is engaging, and the lyrics are simple and repetitive. For this reason, even Spanish 1 will easily be able comprehend the language contained in this song.

After all, that's the value of well-told, visual storytelling. It makes challenging language comprehensible to early learners, and it makes simple language palatable to advanced learners.

Still from Amnesia

Is it appropriate for elementary?

Probably not. It's not as intense as La Dentista, but there some scary elements.

To watch it, log into your SenorWooly.com account, and choose "Amnesia" on the STORIES page.

If you don't have an active, account, you can watch a sample here:


I want to make sure that you have the support that you need to successfully implement Amnesia in your classroom.


Here are the new materials for Amnesia that are available immediately:

  • Over a hundred activities for Amnesia on the online PRO curriculum. They're all ready to go, and students can begin using them immediately.
  • A downloadable support packet for Amnesia with pre, mid, and post written activities.
  • A set of Embedded Readings.
  • The Slideshow of Stills from Amnesia.

As usual, all support materials are available for PRO subscribers.

NOTE: If you want your students to see Amnesia on their student accounts, remember to unblock it.