Vlog #3: In Defense of Simplicity

Oct 22, 2014

Reviews of my music video, ¡Es Una Ganga! are all across the map. Some teachers have told me me that their students have never responded so positively to one of my videos, and others are telling me that it’s the worst thing I have ever made.

Still from Es Una Ganga


If you like it, awesome. If you don’t, I’ll get you next time, I promise.

However, there are two criticisms that I would like to address, since I knew I would receive them before I ever filmed a single shot:

  1. The Spanish is too simple.
  2. The video is too scary.

In this video blog, I share my thoughts on why I intentionally wrote it the way I did, which might in turn give you a better sense of how to use my materials in your classroom.


Thanks for watching. Feel free to share your thoughts below.