¡Billy y las botas 3 ha llegado!

Sep 19, 2018
After over a year in production, we proudly release Billy y las botas 3!  I make two promises:

1) This is the last Billy y las botas ever. 
2) Your students will NEVER forget the ending.  
If you're an active subscriber, you can log in to your account and see it immediately. 
However, if you have a minute, here are 6 things you should know about this video:






It's our longest story yet
At almost 10 minutes, Billy y las botas 3 is the single longest song and video we have ever
created.  But I promise that it more than earns its length.
Billy y las botas 3 Screenshot 1
And that's because the journey to reuniting Billy and the boots is an arduous one, filled with more twists and turns than you might expect.  It's one of the most surprising stories we have ever written, and we can't wait for you to see it.  
El imperfecto del subjuntivo
For those of you who have asked for higher-level Spanish in my songs, you'll be pleased to hear that the chorus of Billy y las botas 3 heavily features the imperfect subjunctive + conditional clause.  
Billy y las botas 3 Screenshot 2
More importantly, not only will this clause be easy to understand, but I promise that it's so utterly compelling that your students will never forget it.   
I also contend that it's so comprehensible that even level 1 students will fully understand these advanced structures.   Yes, I am suggesting that you use an imperfect subjunctive song even with beginner-level students. 
I know, I know, I'm making some pretty bold claims here.   
Vamos a ir
In case you thought I was leaving novice students behind, this song also contains an entire 2-minute bridge with the structure "Vamos a ir".  
Billy y las botas 3 Screenshot 2
And, if I can brag for a moment, it's also one of the most ear-wormy musical bits we have ever released.  Your students will be singing this one in the hallways for a long time to come.
The nuggets for Billy y las botas 3 are ready to go right now!    
Gif for Billy 3 Nuggets
If you're a PRO subscriber, your students have immediate access to 80 new online activities for just Billy y las botas 3!  
And while that might sound like a lot, I'm actually underselling it. There are 80 activities at each proficiency level.  That means there are 80 activities at Novice Mid.  80 activities at Novice High.  80 activities at Intermediate Low.  
Speaking of proficiency levels, I have news on that front too:
A new proficiency level!
Today we also launch our fourth proficiency level on the nuggets for every single story!  That means we now have the following:
  • Novice (Low)
  • Novice (Mid)
  • Novice (High)
  • Intermediate (Low)
Gif for four proficiency levels
The advantage of this should be obvious: you can choose any song, no matter the language level of the lyrics, and then choose a proficiency level to fit the needs of any specific class or student. 
Additional Billy 3 Resources!
We couldn't be more excited about our shiny new student accounts, but we also haven't forgotten about all of the other resources you have come to expect.  With the launch of Billy y las botas 3, we are also releasing the following resources:
  • La Rocola del Sr. Wooly, now with Billy y las botas 3!
  • Embedded Readings
  • Supplementary packet
  • Slideshow of stills
  • Puzzle
  • Downloadable audio files
There are enough resources here to to fill 2 weeks worth of Spanish classes on just Billy 3 alone!  If you're a PRO subscriber, I strongly encourage you to look through all of these materials.  
What are you waiting for?
Thank you for your patience over the past three years.  We had to take our time to make sure we nailed the landing.  I hope you agree with us that we did!