Everyone's favorite part of Wooly Week is here!

Mar 27, 2023


Dear Friends, 
In only 3 days, we will release the secret Wooly Week lesson plans that we've been teasing. 
But I'm not always a patient man. Which is why, today, we are releasing one activity from those plans a little early.
Pista picante 2023 Banner Image
Pista picante is a scavenger hunt, and it's regularly cited as one of the most fun activities in all of Wooly Week. 
Here's how it works:
1) Students answer 30 scavenger hunt questions in their student accounts.
2) Once solved, they will unlock a brand new, never-before-seen Señor Wooly music video. 
No, really! A brand new Wooly music video that's never been seen by you, your students, and has never been released on any other platform! It's a live-action video starring me and students in classroom, and it's appropriate for all ages.
To set up Pista picante, follow these 6 steps:
Step 1:
Unlock "Las excusas" for your students.
Las excusas image
Step 2:
Unlock "Los quehaceres" for your students.
Los quehaceres image
Step 3:
Unlock "La lucha de la limonada" for your students.
La lucha de la limonada image
Step 4:
Unlock "Pista picante 2023" for your students.
Pista picante image
Step 5:
Have students work in groups on their devices, tell them to navigate to the Nugget 1 of "Pista picante 2023", and give them the entire period to work on the scavenger hunt.
Keep in mind that, even with an entire class period, few students will likely solve the entire scavenger hunt within the class period, but they have until April 21 to finish.
Step 6:
Once a single student in any one of your classes solves Pista picante, the secret video will unlock in their account, and it will also unlock in your account!
Pista picante 2023 is not made to last! April 21 is the final day to complete this activity. On April 22, this scavenger hunt will be gone forever!
  • Not only are the hints written in Spanish, but some of them are are hard. Encourage your students to work in small groups, and encourage groups to help each other out. This doesn't have to be a competition.
  • Try solving it on your own! That way, if students get flustered, you can help them out. To do this, you'll need to create a student account for yourself.
Haven't started Wooly Week yet?
You still have a full month left to participate in any and all of the Wooly Week lesson plans. Many devoted Wooly fans haven't even started yet.
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If you're interested in participating in Wooly Week 2023, please read this Intro to Wooly Week 2023 document. It contains everything you need to know.
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