A Wooly favorite back-in-stock after 2 years!

Sep 17, 2021


Question Word Posters
Our popular collection of question words posters is back in stock for the first time in nearly two years!
This collection contains ten 11"x11" double-sided, extremely durable, laminated posters.  Each one contains the interrogative alongside a beautiful, Billy-themed illustration. Flip it over and find the identical poster containing the English translation.
Gif of the question posters
But we didn't simply re-print this collection. If we were going to bring them out of retirement after almost 2 years, we decided it was time to adjust a few things:
First, the font is larger and easier to read.
Cuándo poster
Second, we completely changed the ¿Cuál? illustration to better clarify its meaning.
Cuál poster
Third, Gorro now looks like Gorro!
De qué color poster
And did I mention that these posters are incredibly durable? We know you plan to regularly move/flip them, and so we used a thick card stock and high-quality laminate that can handle the abuse from heavy classroom usage. 
Quién color poster
Also, these posters are matte laminated, which means you get all the advantages of traditional lamination (minimal damage from water, tape, or handling), but without the nasty glare that prevents students from reading at certain angles.  
Having visual aides for question words is essential in all classrooms. Interrogatives are some of the most challenging beginner language to acquire, but lack of acquisition causes immediate blockers. Want to know students didn't understand that question you just asked? A lot of the time, it's because they're still stuck on the question word.
Providing these fun visual aides are just the ticket for ensuring student comprehension.
Question Poster Collection Cover
$17.99 with Wooly subscription
Purchase Orders and Quotes
We are always happy to help you set up a purchase order and/or generate a quote. We always prefer when a school/district purchases items rather than the teacher, so please don't hesitate to reach out.
Yes, you can buy the question posters via purchase order!
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