Wooly's big plan for the new year

Aug 20, 2021

Dear Friends,

Until just a moment ago, this post was going to be about all of the exciting Wooly releases that we'll be sharing in the coming months. We've been working very hard to create new videos and graphic novels as well as fantastic site updates that will make everyone's lives easier.

However, my heart just wasn't in that newsletter.

Because, yet again, we find ourselves at the start of a school year wracked with uncertainty about the challenges that await us.

The disease is changing, and we don't know what that will mean for our students, our own children, or ourselves. School districts are scrambling to adapt to a situation that changes faster than they can react. Meanwhile, teachers have been shoved to the front lines of the culture wars.

And although everyone at Wooly loves and supports teachers, how does "Señor Wooly's support" make one bit of difference to a teacher who is trying to make a safe space in their classroom? To a teacher who has become the unwilling targets of parents' stress and frustration? To a teacher who still needs to deliver content despite all of these distractions?

But then I remembered that there is one thing in particular that we excel at. Something that we, at Wooly, do better than just about anyone.


This year, we have decided to embrace joy. Joy in acquiring language through great stories. Joy in shared classroom experiences. Joy so great that the smiles will be seen through the masks.

Because despite everything that's happening, we still need to laugh together. We still need to sing together. And, yes, we even need to cringe together.

We have some truly joyous things planned for this year, and I hope you'll join us.


Jim Wooldridge

P.S. Don't worry, you'll still get that post about the Wooly updates! Necesito más tiempo. :)