Wooly Wk Day 3: Encerrada en la Escuela, our 25th Music Video

Feb 12, 2018

​Today is the 3rd day of Wooly Week!! 


On Monday, we released Feo, the new music video featuring Víctor.

On Tuesday, the Ganga girls invaded.  


Today we have a Valentine's Day gift for you: The release of the 25th Sr. Wooly music video!  It's called Encerrada en la Escuela, and I think you're going to love it. 


New Music Video:

Encerrada en la Escuela

Today we release the 25th Sr. Wooly music video!!!

A girl, working on a project after school in the library, wakes up in the middle of the night only to find herself ... LOCKED AT SCHOOL!

And while she's there, she makes some very interesting discoveries about the true inner-workings of school.

New Music Video: Encerrada en la Escuela

On the surface, Encerrada en la Escuela may look like a horror movie, but more than anything it's a mystery and a comedy.

Come on this strange and absurd journey with me as we present your students with a side of school that they've never seen before.  

The video stars Jessie and Angelina, two very talented young ladies who are soon going to become icons in your classroom.

Two very talented actors

This video is an entirely new property, which means that no previous knowledge of other Sr. Wooly videos is necessary in order to understand it.  Looking for a great first Sr. Wooly story to use with your students?  Look no further.  

If you are an active subscriber, to see the video, log into your Sr. Wooly account and click on "STORIES".  

If you do not have an account, here you can see a preview of Encerrada en la Escuela:




To watch the rest of the video, log into your account or purchase a subscription.

How to Pick a Sr. Wooly Video

Encerrada en la Escuela contains some of the most advanced Spanish we have ever put into a music video. 

And yet despite the complexity of the lyrics, it's still totally perfect for ALL of your Spanish classes, from level 1 through AP. 

How is that possible?  How can a video with advanced Spanish lyrics still be ok for Spanish 1?

To answer that question, I encourage you to watch this video blog, in which I address this subject.

This Video Blog

Encerrada Support Materials

Support materials

We want you to have the support that you need to use all of our music videos in your classroom.  

That's why we've already released the following materials for Encerrada en la Escuela:

Support Materials

  1. Over a hundred online activities for Encerrada en la Escuela on the PRO curriculum.  They're all ready to go, and students can begin using them immediately.
  2. A downloadable, printable support packet for Encerrada with pre, mid, and post written activities.
  3. Embedded Readings for Encerrada, including beginner and intermediate level readings.  The intermediate readings are a new feature, much better suited to students in Spanish 2 and 3.
  4. PowerPoint of video stills.  

As usual, these support materials are available only for PRO subscribers.  

NOTE: If you want your students to see Encerrada on their student accounts, remember to unblock it.