FRENCH Super Combo: La Dentiste


FRENCH Super Combo: La Dentiste

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This combo gives you every single thing you need to teach about the world of LA DENTISTE and at the best price we have ever offered!  It includes:

LA DENTISTE: FRENCH Music Videos ($20 value)

Contains Sr. Wooly's first two music videos in French, LA DENTISTE and SIX FOIS PAR JOUR.  Aside from being great standalone stories, these two music videos also work perfectly to expand the world of the graphic novel.   This product comes with multiple subtitle options, embedded readings and printable supplemental packets.  More info

30 copies of LE MANOIR DE LA DENTISTE: The Graphic Novel ($449.70 value)

This creepy 114-page graphic novel is going to be one of the most popular choices in your library.  And there is no cheaper class-set option than buying 30 copies through this combo package.  LA MANOIR DE LA DENTISTE is perfect for novice mid to novice high readers.  Includes French-to-English glossary.  More info

LE MANOIR DE LA DENTISTE: Teacher Guide ($60 value)

Want to teach LE MANOIR DE LA DENTISTE?  You will absolutely want this teacher's guide,  It contains a slideshow of almost every single panel in the comic book, and then a second slideshow of almost every panel with the dialogue bubbles stripped out.  In addition, it contains the ridiculously comprehensive circling guide, a 300+ page packet that gives you recommended discussion topics on almost every single illustration in the graphic novel.  More info

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