"No somos amigos" children's book (Hardcover)


"No somos amigos" children's book (Hardcover)

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We proudly present the very first Señor Wooly children's book! Only 38 unique words! In hardcover!

What is the book about?

"No somos amigos" is the prequel to Señor Wooly's exciting nautical adventure "Diego y sus amigos".

It's hard to be around someone you don't get along with — especially when it's just the two of you, stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean! Diego and Tomás may share the same food and supplies, but when it comes to navigation, they are oceans apart. Join them as they embark on an unpredictable journey of finding common ground when the waters are rough. Crafted in novice-low Spanish, this tale is a gentle first step for those setting sail on their journey to learn a new language.

Is this book available digitally?

No. The only way to read this book is by purchasing this book. It is not available through the subscription.

What proficiency level is the book written at?

With only 38 unique Spanish words, it's a perfectly accessible book at Novice Low.

Who is it appropriate for?

All ages. The story is appropriate for everyone, the language is appropriate for anyone trying to learn Spanish, and the humor will appeal to young and old.

How long is the book?

64 pages.

Does the book have a glossary?

Yes, it features a Spanish-to-English glossary.



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