La ciudad de La Dentista (PRE-ORDER)


La ciudad de La Dentista (PRE-ORDER)

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Buy 10 or more copies, and get digital access to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of this book. This deal is for subscribers only.

Why pre-order now?

Subscribers who pre-order 10 or more copies will get early digital access to both chapters of La ciudad de La Dentista in their accounts right away!

When will the book ship?

In late August 2023.

What level is the book written at?

This print edition is only available in Novice Low (appropriate for Spanish 1 and 2).

However, the digital release is available in 4 different proficiency levels (Novice Low, Novice Mid, Novice High, Intermediate Low).

What is the book about?

"La ciudad de La Dentista" is the pulse-pounding sequel to Señor Wooly’s best-selling graphic novel, La casa de La Dentista.

Having narrowly escaped La Dentista with the aid of Carolina's enigmatic Aunt Isidora, the girls find themselves in the bustling city of Chicago. Little do they know, the island's dark influence continues to cast a looming shadow over their lives. Faced with the choice between staying hidden or stepping forward to save those who remain brainwashed on the island, our heroines must dig deep within themselves to find the courage they need.

Join our intrepid heroines as they face intrigue, danger, and the unknown in the breathtaking sequel, "La ciudad de La Dentista."

How long is the book?

163 pages.

Does the book have a glossary?

Yes, like all of our graphic novels, it features a per-page Spanish-to-English glossary.

How do I get access to the digital version of this book?

If you purchase 10 or more copies of the print edition, you will get immediately digital access to both chapters (if you are a subscriber). 


ISBN #978-1-956299-97-7

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