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Señor Wooly Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do accept purchase orders from school districts.

For information on setting up a purchase order with Señor Wooly, download this order form and instructions.

A Sr. Wooly subscription is valid for only for one full-time teacher.

However, if there are multiple teachers in your school or district who want access, please contact me to inquire about a bulk rate.

Fear not, I have not gotten rid of them.

To find them, go to the blog, and then click on the videos tab on the right.

That would be a very bad idea since the entire Sr. Wooly curriculum is based on the concept of individual progress.

Not to mention, if you give the same account to multiple students, one of those children will change the password, making it inaccessible to everyone else.

If the student’s teacher is a subscriber to Sr. Wooly Pro, that teacher has the option to hand out free student accounts. Those students would not have to pay a dime.

If, however, the student is unaffiliated with a Spanish class, he or she should stay tuned for an individual subscriber plan that will be released soon.

Please contact us if you wish to receive information on bulk teacher account purchases.

Yes, you can!

Perhaps you feel that one or two videos are too scary for your students (like La Dentista). Or perhaps you want to slowly dole out the videos throughout the year in order to preserve surprises for later. You have total control over what content is available on the student accounts.

Yes, but with reservations.

It's no secret that I generally write for a slightly older audience. That said, some of the videos are definitely appropriate, like La Invitación and Las Excusas. However, others are definitely not (like La Dentista).

That’s why, as the teacher, you have the ability to block any stories that you deem to be inappropriate for your students. Even better, you can block those stories by the class, which means you can make certain stories available to your first period, and others available to your second period.

160 student accounts. If you need more, email me and plead your case.

The truth is that I'm not going to nickel and dime you for more student accounts. I just ask that only a subscription be used by only one teacher.

Teachers with a subscription have access to everything:
• Every single song, video, game, downloadable resource, and more.
• The ability to create student accounts and control what students see on those accounts.

Student accounts have access to different things:
• Specific stories that their teacher has unlocked.
• An online curriculum that walks them step-by-step through the story.