What Everyone is Saying About Sr. Wooly

Dr. Stephen Krashen

Sr. Wooly is one of the best things that has ever happened to the foreign language teaching profession. I should also point out that Victor is a personal friend of mine.

Carrie Toth

Of course we need to include authentic resources in the classroom, but include Señor Wooly as well. Students develop such an attachment to his music and videos. The materials serve as a bridge to engagement, something that many students have difficulty finding otherwise. Learning language should be fun, and on this site, IT IS!

Sr. Bradley Miller

Your videos created a wonder and curiosity in certain students whom I could not reach alone. They were a great way of ending my last period class, and they made tough kids sing and laugh regardless of what they had waiting for them at home. French students would take Spanish as a senior because they heard those songs through the wall.  You make such a difference.

Paige Case

I had been waiting for the right time to spring La Confesión de Víctor on my students.  I did not reveal 'tu secreto terrible' at the time we watched Guapo, and I knew that they would freak out at your revelation.  That right time was today.  I wish you could have heard the reactions -- in all of my classes without fail.  One student even said, 'This changes everything.

Alani Coleman

Your music has changed my teaching career for the better, 100 percent! I cannot thank you enough. I have bought so much teacher stuff over the years and been disappointed. Your materials are affordable and SO usable. They love all of your music and go crazy whenever I share a new video with them. You are amazingly talented and creative and funny! I wear your Billy scarf with pride!

Sra. Dempsey

In 27 years of teaching, this is the best resource I have ever purchased.

Kathleen Northup

Your site is the best money I spend all year for my Spanish classes, thanks for all you do!

Lauren Schaeffer

I teach Honors Spanish I and II, and they LOVE your songs. Every parent tells me that they have been introduced to your videos at home. The science teachers asked me what we're doing in class, because their students won't stop singing in Spanish during their lab activities.

Kathy Babb

Your site is totally worth the money! I laughed sooooooo hard at La Dentista, and screamed along with la chiquita. My kids will love this!.

Kim Moyer

I want to tell you how excited I am to be able to use your videos!  I absolutely love them.  My students are also hooked.  When I put one on for the last couple of minutes of class, the students tend to linger and watch it!