About The Program

Señor Wooly teaches Spanish through demented and hilarious music videos.

Jim Wooldridge, a Spanish teacher near Chicago, Illinois, got frustrated by the lack of educational materials that appealed to older kids. Where were the videos that students would genuinely want to watch over and over?

Using his skills as a musician, storyteller, and connoisseur of the absurd, Wooldridge began making his own music and videos. The program quickly took off, and is now used globally by over 5,000 Spanish teachers in 40 countries.

Sr. Wooly Pro, released in Fall 2015, includes a fun, leveled curriculum that provides students with the support they need to ensure story comprehension.


Great Stories

Story-based music videos designed for the warped minds of middle and high school students.

Easy for Teachers

Created by a Spanish teacher for Spanish teachers. The program will work with any Spanish curriculum.

Custom Curriculum

The input-based curriculum has over 50 types of activities that provide students with the comprehensible repetitions they need to acquire language.

Differentiated Curriculum

Change the curriculum difficulty at the class level. Also, secretly change the difficulty for individuals whose needs differ from their classmates.

Create and Track Assignments

An easy-to-use, teacher-friendly assignment system that will make giving and checking homework a breeze.

Nugget Up

Since input-based repetition is the key to true language acquisition, the curriculum uses a gamified leveling system, constantly circling students back for more reps.

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