DVD Volume 1

Physical Media

DVD Volume 1

Physical Media
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Sr. Wooly's DVD Volume 1 contains many of his earliest, most well-known videos:

  1. ¿Puedo ir al baño?
  2. Billy la Bufanda
  3. Guapo
  4. La Confesión de Víctor
  5. ¿Adónde Vas?
  6. Me Duele
  7. Class Rules
  8. La Casa Del Sr. Wooly
  9. Three Conjugation Videos

Optional subtitles in English or Spanish.

Maybe, maybe not. There is not a single piece of content on the DVDs that is not available through the subscription. That said, the DVDs are a nice backup in case of unreliable internet. And in the case of sub plans, you might be more comfortable giving the DVD instead of the log in to your account.

Yes, all DVDs contain optional subtitles in English and Spanish.

Yes you can, on DVD Volumes 2 and 3. On Volume 1, you do not have this option.

Yes, we accept purchase orders from school districts!

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