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DVD Collection

Physical Media
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Collect all three volumes of Sr. Wooly's DVDs.  Even if you have a subscription to the site, these DVDs serve as an excellent backup for sub plans, or in case of internet outages.  

Volumes 2 and 3 contain pop-up vidoes, which teach grammar while entertaining with fun facts about the making of the video.

Optional subtitles in English or Spanish.  

 For information on what videos are contained on the DVDs, check out these links:

Maybe, maybe not. There is not a single piece of content on the DVDs that is not available through the subscription. That said, the DVDs are a nice backup in case of unreliable internet. And in the case of sub plans, you might be more comfortable giving the DVD instead of the log in to your account.

Yes, all DVDs contain optional subtitles in English and Spanish.

Yes you can, on DVD Volumes 2 and 3. On Volume 1, you do not have this option.

Pop-Up Videos teach relevant grammar while entertaining with fun facts about the creation of the videos. After students have seen the music videos dozens of times, the Pop-Up Videos become their new favorite resource!

Yes, we accept purchase orders from school districts!

Download this document containing an order form and instructions.

Once you have completed the information contained in the above document, send it using one of these methods:

FAX: 866-558-1602

Email: senorwooly@senorwooly.com

Address: SENOR WOOLY LLC, P.O. Box 903, Skokie, IL 60076

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