Basic Access (1 Year)


Basic Access (1 Year)


Sr. Wooly BASIC gives one teacher access to all the videos and music for 365 days.

For teachers who only wish to project the videos onto the whiteboard for students to enjoy in class, this is the right subscription.

If you are also interested in individual student accounts, downloadable support packets, and the online student curriculum, please purchase the PRO plan.  

For more information on the differences between the BASIC and PRO plan, take the tour.

Bradley Miller (Fitzwilliam, NH)

Your videos created a wonder and curiosity in certain students whom I could not reach alone. Their tone diffused tense situations, they were a great way of ending my last period class, and they made tough kids sing and laugh regardless of what they had waiting for them at home. French students would take Spanish as a senior because they heard those songs through the wall and had to know what they meant. You make such a difference.

Andrew Krueger (Aurora, IL)

I cannot thank you enough for creating these songs and videos! My students are constantly singing "Maestro puedo ir al baño, por favor" in class (and at home, according to parents!). I even make them sing the question when they want to go to the bathroom. The impact you are making in helping kids retain grammar points is remarkable. Keep it up!

Alani Coleman (San Rafael, CA)

Your music has changed my teaching career for the better, 100 percent! I cannot thank you enough. I have bought so much teacher stuff over the years and been disappointed. Your materials are affordable and SO usable. They love all of your music and go crazy whenever I share a new song with them - especially a new video!!!! You are amazingly talented and creative and funny! I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the upcoming years, you are incredible! I wear your Billy scarf with pride!

Cris Roman (Paramus, NJ)

I teach Spanish in NJ to middle school kids, and they beg me everyday to watch your videos. By the way, my non-heritage kids think you're awesome as you make the language fun and achievable for any ethnic background, and my heritage speakers love you just the same, for how much knowledge, respect and passion you have for making the language "cool" to speak. Since I discovered you, my classroom has come alive with new energy and joy! Thanks!

Lauren Schaeffer (Clearwater, FL)

This is my first year working at my current school, and my understanding is that Spanish has been the dreaded subject in past years. I teach Honors Spanish I and II, and they LOVE your songs - it's really helping to reshape the perspective on Spanish here! Every student's parent that I meet with tells me that they have been introduced to your videos at home. The science teachers asked me what we're doing in class, because their students won't stop singing in Spanish during their lab activities.

A Sr. Wooly subscription is valid for only for one full-time teacher.

However, if there are multiple teachers in your school or district who want access, please contact me to inquire about a bulk rate.

They do not. To receive student accounts along with the online curriculum, you will need to purchase Sr. Wooly Pro.

Yes, we accept purchase orders from school districts!

Download this document containing an order form and instructions.

Once you have completed the information contained in the above document, send it using one of these methods:

FAX: 866-558-1602


Address: SENOR WOOLY LLC, P.O. Box 903, Skokie, IL 60076

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