How to use this website

Aug 15, 2016

Learning a new website can be intimidating, but if you take the time to watch these very short tutorial videos, you'll be a pro in no time.  Each video is straight-to-the-point, so I promise there will be no wasted time here!

NOTE: Many of the below tutorials refer to features that are only available for PRO subscribers.  However, at a minimum, everyone should watch Tutorial #9.  

Tutorial #1: How to Create your Classes
Tutorial #2: Choosing Stories for your Classes
Tutorial #3: Unlocking Classes for Registration
Tutorial #4: Assigning Work
Tutorial #5: Signing up Students
Tutorial #6: Adjusting Individual Student Difficulty
Tutorial #7: When Students Forget How to Log In
Tutorial #8: How to View Student Progress
Tutorial #9: Location of All Content
Tutorial #10: How to Manually Adjust Student Progress
Tutorial #11: Reorganizing your Classes at the Start of a New School Year